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Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Tourist Axis

Nowadays most countries in the world have realized the importance of tourism industry from the standpoint of production employment source of incomefrom the past few decades on they have contributed to the development of this industry. Owing to natural potentialculturalhistorical background Islamic Republic of Iran is one of those countries favored by tourists all over the world. This factor provides convenient conditions for utilizationdevelopment of tourism infrastructure.



 Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Tourist Axis Location


Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Tourist Axis Location in the Province of Golestan


 Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Tourist Axis zone Location in Ramian County


Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Tourist Axis Location in the Zone



1- Zone specifications

Zone name: Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Tourist Axis

Province: Golestan

Address:   Paghaleeh village -Ramian County - Golestan

Nearest city: Ramian

Nearest village: Paghaleeh  and Vilrom village

     ً 23   َ 06   ْ55 Longitude :  

ً 35    َ  58   ْ36  : Latitude

Type of attraction: Natural - historic

Region climate: Temperate

Region topography: mountainous lands

 Forest   vegetation:   Zone     

Existing water source: Well, Surface water, spring (Ramian and Ghoorchay river)


 Province infrastructures:

The province of Golestan possesses airport, railway, port and freeway

Distance from -province centre: 83 km

Distance from county capital: 12 km

Distance from the nearest Airport: 86 km

Distance from the nearest railway station:  83 km

Distance from the nearest port: 124 km

Distance from the main road:   12 km


2-required infrastructures at the zone entrance:

Gas transmission lines

Zone basic infrastructure: water supply and distribution, power and telecommunications are in good condition.

Residential and food premises in the zone:  Number of residential and food premises in the studied zone are as follows:

Food premises










There are neither hotels nor guesthouses in Ramian County


Service facilities in the zone

There are no travel services in Ramian County

Health centers status in the zone is shown in the table below



Affiliated to the medical university

Treatment and health





















Banks and financial institutions distribution are shown in the table below



Tosse-e- Taavon






















Malietebari mehr














Existing sports and recreational installations in the zone: this zone lacks sports facilities.

3- Number of tourist attractions within zone limits:

There are 12 attractions in the zone.

Target main markets: local, provincial and national

Province tourists number:   domestic: 3208021 tourists in April 2009, international: less than 2000 tourists   

 Region tourism season:  the region has the ability to attract tourists in all seasons


Residential centers' occupation rate: 69%

4-the most important investment field:

  • Tourism complex
  • Traditional restaurant and teahouse
  • Sports and recreational installations
  • Ecotourism with forest zone orientation
  • Residential camping
  • Children's play park
  • Handicrafts exhibition and store
  • forest tour (pedestrian and cyclist)
  • pergola and picnic
  • parking

5- Ongoing study for the zone

  • Golestan tourism comprehensive plan
  • Feasibility study of Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Axis attractive tourist zone


6- Type of practical installations, according to studies

  • Traditional restaurant and teahouse
  • Sports and recreational installations
  • residential camping
  • hiking and cycling tracks
  • children's play park
  • Handicrafts stores and supermarkets
  • Pergola, picnic

                      7- Time schedule from design phase to utilization phase:

There is no time schedule

8- Investment estimation: 77 Billion Rials 

 9- Required funding for infrastructures:

Gas transmission lines are among the required infrastructures which needs 1200million Rials funding.

10- Zone tourists' statistics:

240000 people visit the region annually.

11- Zone attractions:

Olang forest, Nilberg spring, Jozak waterfall, Sorkheh waterfall, Seyed kalateh spring, Seyed Kelateh waterfall, Ramian forest, Dareh-Mola garden, Shir-Abad waterfall, Daland forest park

12- Zone potential and opportunities:

  • Presence of numerous tourists in most seasons
    • Sports establishment such as parachuting, gliding and winter sports
    • Vegetation variety and favorable climate
    • Widely-used Tehran-Gorgan-Mashhad axis
    • Closeness to the province center railway-air-roads infrastructures
    • Cultural and historic monuments in Ramian County, some of which are known internationally
    • Handicrafts diversity
    • Pagaleeh tourist zone development possibility

13- Zone present investment situation:

There is no investment applicant in the zone.



Distance of Paghaleeh Village to Ghaleeh Maran Axis Tourist attractive zone to the railway station, port and airport




14- Position of the attractive zone in the national and regional tourism plan of the province:

  • Legislation approved during the president journey to the zone according to the development program 3, 4 ,tourism comprehensive plan, natural resources organization, jihad-e agriculture and all the relevant organizations, environment protection organization has been completely positive and all the necessary cooperation will be done

15-land ownership status:  private ownership, state ownership

16- Investment estimation and future fields:

The future investment potential is estimated to be 154 Billion Rials

17- Initial opinion of relevant organization about the basic infrastructures (water supply and distribution, power, telecommunications, gas and roads) possibility of supply:

18-required time for the starting:

The required time for the starting is 20 months

19- Special Outcomes of attractive tourist zone implementation at the national and regional level:

  • Economic prosperity
    • Tourism culture promotion in the zone
    • Private sector investors' attraction for tourism complex construction
    • Cultural products exhibition and store establishment
    • Tourist site establishment in the zone
    • Tourist attraction to other attractions in the zone
    • Employment generation and labor force emigration reduction
    • Tourism industry development at the national level and in the zone

20- Direct and indirect employment generation rate after the zone implementation:

75 - 95




Special concessions:

 -Foundation agreement issuance of the attractive tourist zone is the responsibility of tourism, handicrafts, heritage organization

-The required funding necessary for infrastructure construction (water supply and distribution, power, roads) to the plan location

- obtaining loan after 20% of project physical progress, covered by investors, from contracted banks and financial situations  to meet 80% of the overall project is the organization responsibility.

-The exemption from land-use change tolls

- transfer of lands situated outside the city boundaries is made by jihad-e-agriculture organization according to the regional land value and lands within city limits by housing and urban development organization according to the value's expertise value payable by a five-year-installment loan with 10% of total price payment in the first year.

-Issuance of construction license according to industrial unity tariff and tolls at a special discount.

-The possibility of the transfer of land used for project execution from investors to others after land preparation.